About Me

My name is Cate-Marie, I am 21 years old and live in Perth, Australia.

I first started throwing around the idea of a blog a few years ago. Before I had discovered Reddit I was trying to navigate Tumblr. All the Tumblr posts I found were pictures and such, and as pretty and inspiring as some of them were, I wanted something to read. Somewhere on the internet I could go to read through peoples interests, no matter what they were. I created a Tumblr but couldn't seem to make it look the way I wanted with a balance between photos, drawings, and text. So I quickly deleted that, and created one purely for photos. 

I then went on to create a blogger. I was super excited about it and came up with all these ideas on what I wanted to do. Mostly I used it for travelling and experiementing. In the end I started to feel as though the blog was too much work for me and it was more of a chore. So I decided to start fresh, and created this blog! I wanted a design that wasn't split into so many categories so that I could be flexible.

Outside of creating a blog, I also spend a great deal of time on Reddit and Bloglovin' looking at everyones content. I also attend university to attain a degree in Mathematics and Statistics, with a minor in Creative Writing and Computer Network Security, and play CSGO and Dota 2 in my spare time.

I'm always open to meeting and talking to new people, which is also part of the reason I created a blog in the first place... but also because it seemed like a really fun idea and something to do.

Cate x

You can find my old blog here http://all-things-cate.blogspot.com.au/ and my Tumblr here http://cupcatedraws.tumblr.com/ (though they are mostly inactive).

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