Some other bloggers that in my opinion, are definitely worth checking out.

Zoella - UK Youtuber/Blogger/Author who is always uploading vlogs on her second channel and challenges, makeup tutorials, reviews, hauls, and all sorts of things on her main channel. (Blog is inactive for long periods of time)

SuperMaryFace - Aussie gone American Youtuber and Blogger. Very involved in the cosplay scene and uploads frequent vlogs or tutorials on different cosplays, as well as online store reviews.

Sprinkle of Glitter - UK Youtuber/Mum/Blogger who (thankfully) posts often. Louise is always positive and very genuine and an all around lovely girl.

Niomi Smart - Blogger and Youtuber who uploads a lot of health food recipes and morning/exercise routine videos. Niomi's blog is littered with makeup reviews and up to date fashion.

Doing Life My Way by Alexandra Mucenieks - Aussie blogger with a beautifully set up site thats easy to navigate and genuinely nice to use. The content is very real and relatable and often brief and to the point.

Love, Karissa - Blogger and Youtuber, Karissa has a talent of doing both makeup tutorials and touching upon heavy subjects with an air of ease.

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