March Fitness Challenge - Summary

It's that time again - where I look back at the month and facepalm about how lazy I've been!

I have a few excuses up my sleeve about why I haven't been exercising or training for the 4km HBF Run for a Reason, but really they aren't important - excuses get you nowhere fast.

So the main summary for March is, though I ran for the first half of the month, the latter part was a complete disaster due to health reasons (wisdom teeth surgery, dizzy spells, getting sick - oh look! excuses!). 

When I was exercising I was doing really well. I was almost up to running 1km completely without stopping - and felt pretty good doing it too. The days of stopping, wheezing, feeling like my lungs are on fire are gone. Ahhh it feels good.

I would say, 50% success, probably 90% if I hadn't been so slack the second half of the month.

Hopefully once I feel well again, probably in a week if not shorter (please be shorter...) I'll be back to running.

Stay safe guys,
Cate-Marie xxx

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