Surprise Zen Area

I had no intention of even trying to find a new place in my house to use as a relaxation spot, but I did and boy am I glad. Feeling rather zen on Wednesdays (as my classes finish by lunch and I don't have to go back to campus until tomorrow evening, yay) I thought this would be a good a time as any to make progress with my book. Having no comfy places to sit in my room, apart from my bed, and minimal natural light I thought I'd give sitting on the upstairs couch a go. I never sit on this couch. The dogs use it all the time so it has so much hair on it and it never really gets cleaned as we don't really use it that much. As we have a glass wall opposite the couch, the amount of natural soft light coming in was just perfect for reading. Add in the fact that no one was home at the time so it was mostly quiet, and I have a new favourite spot :)

As I write now the dogs are playing on the same couch so there's quite a bit of knocking about and playful growls going on so it's not as relaxing. However earlier when everyone was sleeping or outside, it was nice. You could hear the kookaburra's laughing in the nearby trees, people mowing their lawns, the faint sound of trees swaying in the wind. Every now and then I could hear my Grandparents dog downstairs growling in protest over my Mums dog having the toy she wanted. If I could've slowed down time and made the peace last longer, I would've instantly.

Where do you guys feel the most zen (or relaxed (loving 'z's today)) and what about that area do you feel makes it so?

Cate-Marie xxx

P.S. I've noticed that natural light has played a big part in me being relaxed. Especially when it's soft, still bright, perfect for seeing, and you don't feel like you're going to burst into flames the second you step into the sun (which is a common occurance for a pale person like me)!