April Loot Crate!

This months lootcrate theme is fantasy! When lootcrate announced the theme I was quite skeptical about what would be in the crate but this month is amazing!

First thing you see is the red shirt that I was very "eh" about as it's red which is a colour I actively avoid wearing. Then I see it, the Game of Thrones and Harry Potter merchandise. Yesssssss. I absolutely love Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, particularly the GoT merch. Underneath all this was the inflatable crown, which when I first saw it in its deflated, folded state, I was a little bit "what the hell is this thing..". After inflating it I think I'm going to wear it all around my house. For some reason it's the most fun thing in the crate.

Items in the April Lootcrate include a Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt, a Harry Potter luggage tag, an inflatable crown (best item ever), exclusive RPG Bow Tie, The Princess Bride playing cards, exclusive Game of Thrones 4GB USB, and a Game of Thrones magnet set.

For those interested, you can check out the lootcrate website here

Cate-Marie xxx

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