Controversial Uni Topic

So for my next essay in my English course at university, I've been asked to write an argumentative essay on whether or not I believe the death penalty should be enforced world wide, or if I believe it should be a thing of the past. Naturally, this divided the class into two and a few arguments went back and forth on whose side was more righteous. I have my own view on things, however unfortunately we're not allowed to have a 'grey area'. That is, if we only want the death penalty for severe crimes and let everyone else off with a light jail sentence, that would be a grey area. Death for all or death for none. 

In my own kingdom (if I did have one, it would be awesome. Trust.) I would probably make it so if you were to commit murder or molest someone then death sentence for you! Given that the crime could be definitively proven of course. History has shown us that unfortunately, a lot of innocent people died due to corrupt cops, racism, and a complete lack of evidence.

Now as this will most likely divide everyone into two, possibly three, groups, I wont rant on.

But if you guys had your own kingdom, what would you do; keep it, get rid of it, or partially use it? 

Let me know in the comments :)

Cate-Marie xxx


  1. The death penalty should not be enforced world wide. It should be BANNED world widel. To say that someone should die for "crime" that you think is punishable by death is a disgusting and morally wrong act. People should always question the laws and regulations are they usually enforced to control us. Would it be fair if Australia started killing people because they wore there hats backwards? NO. Its just not fair to kill someone based on your values and or beliefs, PERIOD.

    1. I'm not suggesting people be killed on a regular basis for "wearing their hats backwards", I'm simply saying that for severe crimes such as murder that the death penalty should be considered an alternative to a life sentence, which is essentially the same thing.

      Its good that you feel strongly about this though, to know where you stand. For my essay I will be arguing to abolish it.