First Post

First post, slightly daunting. I feel as though I should explain why I'm here and give you a background as to who I am and all that buuuut I don't think I will. Not today. I'll leave that for you to figure out. 

Though I will tell you my main intentions, which is to just have somewhere I can write about anything. Mostly daily life or thoughts as well as some stuff on books I've read or am currently reading. I've also decided as my new years resolution to get a bit fitter this year (yes I know, a very predictable resolution) and to assist me with that I thought "why not challenge myself and record my results somewhere" and voila, here seems like a good place. I don't intend to take a million photos and upload body shots and talk about health shakes and fads and exercises and all that 24/7. Instead just a few dribbles every now and then.

And yeah! That's about it. Welcome to my space.

Cate-Marie xx

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