First Day at University

I'm not going to lie, I was extremely nervous for my first day. Everyone in the same course had recieved their timetables, many people having two full days and a few days with only one lecture or tutorial, and almost everyone knowing someone else. I came into my course not knowing a single person.

Only having one full day I suppose I should consider myself lucky, having plenty of time to study, complete assignments, and relax in my own environment. Though having 3 days with only one class is extremely draining for time and money wise - taking buses isn't as cheap as you'd think either!

Anyhow, first day, Tuesday, full day. I expected my lectures to be around 50-100 people but thankfully it's only around 20-30. That means minimal to no talking amongst students and 100% getting to focus on the slides and activities. YES. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to focus on your work and having people around you chatting away on incredibly boring and dull subjects that has no contribution to anything.

Luckily I also made a friend that I share all my classes with. For the purposes of privacy, I'm going to call her K. I've been dreading finding friends as I'm not all that great at socialising, but thankfully K was as well so we got along well, awkwardness and all. It's also nice to know that there's someone else in the class that has the same kind of approach as myself - mouth shut, focus, take notes, leave the socialising to outside of the room. Not to mention how incredibly relieving it felt to find someone else who can actually hold a conversation.

After making it through my day with my nerves practically fried by the end, I was overall happy with myself. I did it. Now to repeat this for the next 3 to 4 years.

How did you guys go with your first day back at school, college, university or even your first day at work?

Cate-Marie xxx

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