March Challenge

We're already a week into March but I thought I would put my monthly challenge up anyway! 

Coming up later on in the year is the HBF Run for a Reason, and both myself and my boyfriend have decided to compete! Now, we are both incredibly unfit and definitely need all the training we can get. I will be competing in the 4km run (as 12km just sounds like death), and my poor boyfriend is going to let the peer pressure get to him and sign up to the 12km. 

So for this month my main aim is to train myself to be able to run 1km comfortably. At the moment I'm running about 700-800 metres struggling. Hopefully with consistent runs I can make my way to 1km!

The HBF run itself is going to be held on Sunday 24th of May, 2015. All the routes and start times are available on the site and all proceeds go towards a variety of health-related charities. 

I'll let you guys know towards the end of March as to how I'm going with my goals of running 1km!

Cate-Marie xxx