My Little Experiment...


For this last week I have been challenging myself to notice my surroundings, more than the usual streets names and crosswalks. I'm talking about the environment and feel of the place your visiting or walking through.

I spend most of my days travelling from my house to Fremantle for university and spend a lot of my time walking to classes on other streets and finding places to get a decent freshly squeezed carrot juice (I'm still yet to find one. Sad face).

As I am always early and can walk around slowly and take everything in, I decided to start doing so. To notice how strong the breeze was today, what scents can you smell on the breeze. When you walk down streets the colours of the buildings and the accents on the windows, rooftops, doors. All the character of the place. 

I've been doing this for a week or so and find myself getting more and more familiar with the area and becoming more relaxed with it. It's also an interesting way to see places you've known forever in a new way, even ways that tourists might see them. 

So my challenge to you guys is to be early one day, or take your time after work or school, and explore your area. You don't have to go walking around all the streets and memorise it all. Even just the same street as usual, or going down a path your not sure where it connects to. Just get out there and see what you notice!

Cate-Marie xxx