My little break

I'm baaaack from my completely unplanned hiatus. I wish I had an excuse, but I don't unfortunately! I just got lazy and was enjoying my time off from uni so much. I have however been reading like crazy and finished off two books that I am so overly happy with and have started a third already. 

As much as an update goes, not much has really been happening. I've been relaxing, reading, playing games, hanging out with friends, family, everyone and anyone who will see me!

I have a million ideas for new posts - take a month off and coming back with fresh ideas and some weird inspiration that I can't quite explain - should do this more often.

I've got a few posts that I'm wanting to start writing and lining up so keep an eye out. Hint for my first one, ladies, if you've been thinking about your hair for a while hopefully this'll help your decision.

Cate-Marie xxx

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