End of Semester Reflections

MY first semester is finally over! Exams as well! I'm so happy that it's over and sad at the same time. University is... overwhelming, exciting, refreshing, stressful, and an all around good experience.

At first I was nervous as I wouldn't know anyone there. Over the past 15 weeks I've made a few friends, many acquaintances' and have become very outgoing when it comes to speaking to strangers.

In fact I'm even going to hang out with some uni people on Friday! Having a social life is kind of exciting...

The entire semester was a bit stressful at times when it came to big assignments and the ever approaching due dates. But you always push past it, try your best and it pays off. Big time.

Exams were an entirely different ball game. All of my exams were worth 40% of my marks I became more stressed than I have ever been before. It would have been prefferable if they were all over the space of 3 days so I could get it over and done with, but unfortunately it was over 6 days. SO much stress. 

After exams I had massive headaches and nausea. Everytime I think about my chances of passing and how many mistakes I could've made, I feel sick and headachey again.

Not long hopefully. Three weeks possibly until I know. The nerves are real.

If (optimistically, when) I pass, bring on semester 2. So excited to continue studying, being productive, meeting new people. There's something about learning and improving yourself that just feels good.

For the next 6 weeks of break I will be hopefully learning how to crochet as my next project....or stick to reading and playing games.

Cate-Marie xxx

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