Level Up: August

I am super excited to recieve my first Level Up subscription package! I regularly get loot crates and last month loot crate announced they were teaming up with Level Up. You can check out the pricing and items here.
The August theme was Villains 2. 

Level Up Accessories: The two items this month were the Harley Quinn Travel Bag (Bioworld) and the DC Bombshells Poison Ivy Hair Bow (Bioworld). I don't really see me using the travel bag at all as I have other bags that are a bit bigger and do exactly what I want them to. This part of the August package I unfortunately don't like...

The other part however I loooove. I didn't really see myself using it at first but I love the colours and the clip is really quite sturdy. It also has a bobby pin attached so you can pin it to your clothes or bag if you prefer that!

Level Up Wearables: In the wearables package is a Jabba the Hut (Super 7) polo shirt. I ordered a size L which came out to be roughly an Australian size 10/12. The shirt is also a sports shirt which feels reaaaally nice when you wear it. I really do quite like this one, in the past Loot Crate have provided many different shirts in different colours and they've either been the wrong size or a colour that I would never wear, this one's a keeper.

Next months (September) theme is Summon , and judging by the banner posted on the Loot Crate website, it's going to be a really good month.

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