Seeing Your School Bully Again

Recently my sister has begun to change her circle of friends. This eventually had her end up with a bunch of people from my year group in high school. Whilst most of these people had picked on me and made my life miserable for a while, the biggest shock was having a girl who bullied me endlessly in primary school hang out at my house.

Now, I try not to hold a grudge against people as it doesn't get you anywhere and just builds hate, and I believed it wouldn't be an issue. But seeing this girl after so many years hanging around my house without saying a word to me is just...baffling.

I'm not entirely sure what the best course of action is, whether I ignore her and just try to forget she's there, or confront this issue with my sister and let her know I'm uncomfortable, or even bring this problem up with her?!

Help me out here, have you guys ever had encounters with past bullies?

Cate-Marie xxx

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