Summer Weekends

Healthy food, trail walks, photos, naps, lunch and dinner out, my Saturday and Sundays are beginning to pick up!

With the weather warming up (still not as warm as it has been, middle of December and its only 31°C) we're starting to spend less time on our computers and more time outside soaking up that ridiculously burny sun. Seriously, we spent 2 hours walking around under trees and bush and we're slightly toasted.

Today in particular we went for a veeeery long walk around the Araluen Botanical Gardens and found bobtail lizards, plenty of butterflies, frogs, parrots and the occasional kookaburra. No kangaroo's though, sadly.

The week before this we went to the beach for the first time in what feels like over a year, but really it was last Christmas, so almost a year. As you can imagine two hermits out at the beach, we were the whitest people there by a long shot (and that's including the Northern Europeans that were also there), we fried ourselves terribly.

So what've you been doing with your Summer or Winter weekends?

Cate x

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