I've Made My Move...

...right into university! No, I haven't actually moved into university, I still have my same bedroom in the same house. But I've decided to attend university and actually do something I never thought I would have the balls, or the opportunity, to do.

I didn't complete high school, my attempts to complete it ended up with me giving up. I attempted university courses online but found the lack of interaction with people and tutors to be quite...well, it was kinda depressing haha! 

Though the idea of trying to make friends and talking to strangers is incredibly daunting, and knowing how lazy I am I'm aware that at some stage (sooner than later most likely), I'm going to try to skip my classes. But a challenge will be nice. And knowing its for something I thought I could never do is much more motivating than doing something to impress someone else. 

So TODAY was my first day! For this first week I'm having half days, which should be a nice transition, but starting next week things get a bit more full on and I'm looking forward to it.

If things get more interesting, you can bet that I'll be sharing it with you here. 

Have a good day guys.

Cate-Marie xxx

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